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Ancient Amulet - Purveyors of Classic Pim Niyom category Thai Buddhist Amulets for the Esteemed Devotee and Collector. Masterpiece Antique Buddhist Miniature Arts for the Esteemed Collector: Ancient Amulet offers Authentic Amulets from all Eight Artistic periods of Siamese Buddhist and Brahman Religious Art, and Classic Masterpiece Amulets from Thailand’s most Sought After Guru Monks. Beauty and Collectibilty. We also will be presenting a showroom of Ancient ‘Krueang Rang’ (charms and talismans), such as Takrut and Animist Charm Amulets. Ancient Amulets from the Pre and Post 2500 Buddhist Eras.

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Buddhist Amulet Shop uses https Secure dedicated IP, that offers secure, rapid surfing experience, with encrypted data, ensuring your complete safety. Carefully selected for their Sacred Value, Power, and Collectibility, Thai Buddhist Amulets take pride in providing only Authentic Sacred Buddhist Amulets, Occult Charms, Lay Master Amulets, Prai Oils and Magic Potions, Buddhist Accessories, Sangha Offerings, Buddhist Rosaries and Prayer Beads, Lek Lai and other Sacred Elemental Substances, Classic amulets from Classic Thai Buddhist Temples of National Repute, as well as seeking out lesser known Masters whose practice and powers are worthy of respect, but who have not sought attention or fame, and avoid over-commercialized Masters, who have.

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