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Buddha Amulets

Buddha AmuletsBuddha Amulets is an affiliation of different online Thailand based Buddhist Amulet stores, which are all listed within our pages here for you to see our group of trusted and world famous providers of the finest authentic Thai Buddhist Amulets. All of these sites are owned and guaranteed honest and authentic service by their owner, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood.

About the Proprietor;

A.C. Spencer

Ajarn Spencer Littlewood is author of the Sak Yant Buddhist tattoos Book and the Buddha Magic Publications, and author of the world famous ‘Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos’ website. He is now Laymaster Ruesi and is initiating an Ashram in Thailand in the outlying region around Pattaya.

Thailand Amulet

We hope you enjoy all of our stores and Thai Buddhism and Occult related websites, all of which would have been impossible without the work of Ajarn Spencer.

Ajarn Spencer Littlewood

Category:Ancient Amulet Store

Ajarn Spencer Littlewood is Proprietor of Ancient Amulet and indeed all stores. he chooses to be the sales advisor on this particular site which deals with more high end and more expensive Pim Niyom Classic amulets, to ensure authenticity and a direct communication with a trusted and Internationally known public figure img_2156_1330490104.jpg;r width=580;static p_s1sf_mv_0;file dc111a ajarnsak

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